Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency - Halo Financial

Having probably lived abroad at some stage of your life you will be aware of the importance of watching the currency exchange rates. Now that you are considering selling your property abroad now is the time to be vigilant when it comes to trasnferring your money either back home or on to somewhere new.

It’s amazing how many people fail to realise the savings they could make when using a specialist currency provider like Halo Financial when transferring the proceeds of the overseas property back home – the savings can actually run into the thousands. Don’t fall into the sale trap.

We have been working with many foreign currency companies over our many years of dealing in the overseas property market but we have continued to support Halo Financial because of the their excellent ability to beat everyone else’s exchange rates and because of the friendly, approachable and professional staff who offer excellent customer service.

There are so many ways in which you could be saving when exchanging money for whatever reason – why not give them a call or click on their banner to view their website below.

Halo Financial tel: 0207 350 5470